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10 Remote Jobs That Actually Pay Well

10 Remote Jobs That Actually Pay Well

Remote jobs have a reputation for being low paying, and people usually do them to fill a time or money gap in their life. They are usually looked down upon, but you would be surprised at the number of remote jobs that pay well. 

For many people, a job that pays well and that doesn’t require leaving the house to be done is the dream job. Not only the worker’s desires but also the job market’s requirements are moving towards remote working. From lowering spending, to a more productive workday, the reasons to work remotely are many. The only concern is if the salary will fulfill your needs and satisfy you. 

It’s not all rainbows and butterflies

Working remotely and finding a decent job online can be hard. There are a lot of challenges with this process so here are things you should be careful with when looking for a remote job.


A thing to be aware of very often is scams. For every one legitimate job, there are 70-80 job scams. A way to avoid this is to only search for jobs in secure and legitimate websites. Another way to avoid being scammed is avoiding words like “work from home” when searching for the job. Instead stick to keywords like “Remote job”, “telecommuting job” etc. 

People work longer hours

According to new studies, people who work remotely actually work longer hours than their colleagues in the office. There’s always the misconception that if you work from home, you’ll lay around all day but that’s the contrary. Not having a set work schedule can make you not know when to stop working.

It gets lonely

Being at home all day, possibly not interacting with people can feel isolating. Some people cannot set time aside to interact with people. Sometimes, you must talk to your colleagues or your manager about an issue you’re having, and that’s something that is compromised by not being at the office.

On the bright side

As hard as it can be to find a real remote job that won’t rob or drain you, it is worth every effort. Nothing beats working in your pyjamas while having your morning coffee on your balcony. There are many more benefits to remote working, and frankly, that’s why most people prefer it.

Work-life balance

Work takes up most of our daytime. Every newly employed person will tell you how hard it is to stay in touch with friends and be there if your family needs you when you’re working a 9 to 5 job. Having a flexible schedule and working remotely can fix that. You’ll be able to do everything and maintain the work-life balance.

Reduce commuting

Going to work can get expensive. According to a recent study, if you work remotely, you get to save approximately around $1,500. That is big money you could spend on something you have been planning for some time now.

Control how, when, and where you work

Different people work differently, and productivity depends a lot on your preferences. With working remotely, you have the option to work at 3 pm in your living room or at 11 pm from your bed. If music or total silence helps you concentrate, it is entirely up to you to regulate it. 

There are many advantages to working remotely. But another important thing to remember is the salary. When we think about remote jobs most of us think about low paying jobs that people do on the side to maybe earn extra cash but actually you can get paid as much as (maybe even more) than people who work from the office, doing certain jobs.

1. Software Developer: $130,000 to $160,000

This is one of the highest paying remote jobs. The job of a developer is to program, install and maintain software systems. The salaries may differ depending on the employer and company, but they go up to $160,000.

2. Qualitative User Experience Researcher: $100,000 to $120,000

Your job as a qualitative user experience researcher is to design qualitative methods to measure user experience for different products. By that, you want to find if the user’s needs are being met and if there is any problem with your product.

3. Utilization Manager: $92,000 

A utilization manager’s job is to evaluate the efficiency of healthcare services, procedures and facilities.

4. Project Manager: $65,000 to $105,000

The job of a project manager is to plan and oversee a project. A project manager works with upper management and the employees to coordinate and ensure their activities are inline.

5. Senior Business Analyst: $57,000 to $90,000

A senior business analysts job varies in different companies, but in general, their responsibilities include leading and coordinating multiple business analysts at the office. Together they meet their client’s needs for documentation of business and functional requirements, create and perform QA tests and recreate incidents for debugging efforts

6. Digital Marketing Analyst: $60,000 to $80,000

This job requires education and experience in digital marketing. A digital marketing analyst must have knowledge of Google AdWords, SEM, and SEO.

7. Registered Nurse: $60,000

A registered nurse’s job is to communicate with patients and evaluate their health status. This also includes supporting them and providing them with necessary information regarding their health.  

8. Accountant: $ 45,000 to $ 65,000 

An accountants job is to audit accounts, provide financial advice and undertake accounts administration. For this job, a bachelor’s degree is usually required and some experience beforehand.

9. Writer: $48,489

The title of this job is self-explanatory. Depending on the job provider’s requirements, you could be asked to write articles, stories, lists, etc. This job requires experience, researching skills, and ability to meet deadlines. 

10. Remote Teacher: $34,560 to $48,159

The job of a remote teacher is probably the most diverse job. You could teach English, Chinese, Korean, and many other languages, remotely to anyone in the world. Usually, the requirements are a bachelor degree and a teaching certification.

Regardless of the challenges, nothing beats the comfort and flexibility of working remotely. While nowadays there is a variety of remote jobs offered, many of them are well paying, and some pay a big check. So, if you’re concern with working remotely is financial, fear no more, these remote jobs have got you covered.