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10 Tips for Great Job Interviews

You have been called in for an interview. Congratulations. This is a step closer to getting the job. The interview is one of the last steps of recruitment and one of the key ones. How you perform in the interview will be a key factor in whether you get the job or not.

The process can be nerve-racking but by keeping some things in mind, you can overcome it. Here are some tips for that:

1. Research the company and employer

Overall, you will perform better if you have some previous knowledge about the company and employer. This is a chance for you to impress them and have a step forward during the interview. 

Basic information about what the company does is essential for when applying for a job, but you should also do research on the person that is interviewing you; their background and their role and position in the company. This will help you to answer the interview questions and even ask your own questions regarding the job when the employer asks you to.

2. Prepare your talking points and interview questions 

Preparation is something you should do with every career choice you want to make, not only when you have an interview. It makes you more likely to get the job.

One thing to ask the hiring manager is about the type of interview you will be conducting. 

3. Rehearse 

Finding what you want to say and practicing it in front of the mirror might seem like too much, but if you’re an introvert or a nervous talker, practicing may be the best thing you can do for yourself. It will give you an idea of what you want to say and how you want to say it so you won’t ramble.

4. Selling points

Everyone has their strong points. You have to make sure you present them to the interviewer and explain how they will help the company you are applying for.

5. Arrive on time

One of the worst things you can do, if you want to get a job, is to arrive late to an interview. That interview will not be repeated, so the first impression is very important. 

To avoid being late, leave for the interview 15-20 minutes earlier and make sure to check the weather and traffic before you leave. Choose the kind of transportation that will get you there on time and well. Having 15 minutes to spare is excellent because you will have time to collect your thoughts and relax beforehand.

6. Dress according to the dress code or company culture

Depending on the industry, companies have different dress codes. Dress according to the company rules and culture. That way, you will feel like you fit the job position. For this, you can ask the hiring manager or someone you know that works there. If that is not possible, do your research, read about the company values and culture and you might just understand the way you need to present yourself.

Make sure your clothes and shoes are clean and ironed and that they present your personality and company culture as well. 

7. Ask questions

One of the most neglected parts of an interview is usually when the interviewee gets to ask the questions. An interview is not an interrogation, it is a two-way conversation. So take this opportunity to learn more about the job position and the company. The people hiring you will appreciate it and will be pleased to answer. Not only will you be able to learn more about the job position, hiring manager, and company, but you will also look interested and eager to learn. 

8. Bring copies of your resume and CV to the interview

It is always good to be prepared. If the interviewer doesn’t have your resume or cv on them, it’s always good to hand them a copy. 

9. Body language

The way you present yourself isn’t only about what you say. It is also the way you behave and the small gestures you make. Studies have shown that body language plays a big role in the day to day interactions that people have with each other, and this certainly applies in the hiring process. 

The way you shake someone’s hand and the way you sit all play a role in the outcome of the interview. So, when you arrive, greet everyone you meet, sit straight, have a confident posture and always be polite. Doing these things will help give the right impressions to the hiring manager and the people you want to work with. 

10. Thank the interviewers via email

Thank you notes or emails are a good way to stand out and impress someone. Regardless of how the interview went, thanking someone is always a good idea. 

Make sure you customize and personalize the notes. To do this, you could use some of the notes you take during the interview and mention particular moments during the interview that stood out with that particular person.