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Ace Your Next Virtual Interview - 12 Tips to Help You Land the Job

Ace Your Next Virtual Interview - 12 Tips to Help You Land the Job

Do you have an upcoming remote job interview? We’ve compiled a list of tips to help you nail your next interview.

Day Before Your Interview

Preparation is everything! The more prepared you are the more likely you’ll be to nail your interview and be offered the job. Here are 6 tips to help ensure you’re prepared:

  1. Research the company. Knowledge is power! Thoroughly research the company interviewing you. A few things you should absolutely know about the company you’re hoping to join:

    • Leadership

    • Culture, mission, and values

    • Clients, products, and services

    • Competition

  1. Know your audience. The person interviewing is the one making the decision whether or not to move you forward. It’s imperative you take the time to know them. Be sure you know their name and how to pronounce it. It’s a great idea to send a LinkedIn connection request. 

  2. Prepare questions. Asking questions during an interview shows you’re engaged. Asking insightful questions opens up lines of communication, benefiting both parties. What kind of results you get from an interview depends in large part on the questions you ask.

  3. Practice makes perfect. Practice answering common interview questions in front of a mirror or with a friend. 

  4. Hype yourself up! Get inspired and embrace your confident side. You’ve got this!

  5. Beauty rest is a must. Get plenty of sleep the night before your interview. You’ll want to be at your best. 

Day of Your Interview

Today is the big day! You’re one day closer to landing your dream job. Get a competitive advantage by following these 6 interview tips. 

  1. Dress to impress. Before you choose your interview attire, research company culture to get a better understanding of their expectations. Whatever you choose, it should be professional, clean, and comfortable. 

  2. Test test test. The last thing you want on the day of your interview is technical difficulties. Make sure everything is in working condition several hours before its go time! 

  3. Re-read the job description. Make sure you’re very familiar with the role you are interviewing for. Be ready to talk about why you’re the perfect candidate for the job!

  4. Choose a quiet location. Distractions can ruin your interview. Find a location where you’ll be able to focus and give the interview your full attention. 

  5. Get inspired. Before your interview begins, take steps to get inspired. Listen to your favorite song or read an inspirational quote

  6. Practice good interview manners. 

    • Be on time

    • Turn your phone on silent

    • Avoid fidgeting

    • Bring several copies of your resume

    • Have references handy

    • Tell the truth

    • Stay positive and never say anything negative about past employers

    • Follow up and thank the interviewer

    • Keep your answers concise and focused

    • Pay attention

    • Ask about next steps

Good luck! You’ve got this!!