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20 Work from Home Jobs You Might Not Have Heard About

Many people think the options are super limited when it comes to work-from-home jobs. And who can blame them. Most of the articles on the internet seem to list all the same types of jobs.

But the truth is, if you are disciplined and self-motivated, you can turn almost any job into a work from home opportunity. If it doesn’t absolutely require your physical presence, you should consider it fair game for a remote job search.  

Remote jobs were on the rise even before the pandemic. Now, many companies have embraced remote work as a way to keep employees happy and keep costs down. Going forward, you can expect to see job titles you've never saw before in the remote category.

So, if you’re looking for a remote job that allows you to work from home – or even from a sandy beach – we’ve got 20 options you may not have considered.

1. Mock Juror

We didn’t even know this was a thing until we started conducting research for this article!

A mock juror plays the part of a juror in a mock trial. Attorneys use mock jury trials to help them decide whether to accept a case or how to approach a case. Law schools use mock juries to train students. You generally get paid per “case.” Facilitating the process are a number of companies that hire the mock jurors.

Just like “real” court cases, these online mock jury cases vary in length. A lot of law firms use feedback from mock trials to see how effective their arguments are, how the case will look to a real-world jury, and what the possible outcome might be.

How much you can earn: $20 - $60 per case.

2. Virtual Interior Designer

Do you have an eye for interior design and enjoy rearranging or redecorating homes? If so, then you may have what it takes to become an online interior designer.

Online interior designers are becoming high in demand as more and more people are realizing that it’s less expensive than hiring a full service interior decorating company. Recruiting firms such as Interior Talent place interior designers in remote positions.

As an online designer, you will offer online suggestion boards for color palettes and furniture and won’t have to travel to supply stores (unless you want to!). You will take the budget and style preferences of your clients into account while helping them revamp their space, which could be a home or office.

How much you can earn: $30k - $90k per year.

3. Legal Writer

If you enjoy the law, and you’re detail-oriented, you can earn a pretty penny as a legal writer for a law firm, legal publication, or a legal website. Legal writers create all sorts of written content for news and feature stories, advertising copy, websites and blogs.

Their knowledge of the law enables legal writers to understand and interpret legal issues and documents and write about legal matters in a way that everyone can understand. Some legal writers have law degrees, but it’s not a requirement.

Having a bachelor’s degree English, and experience as a journalist can put you ahead of other applicants. But keep in mind that legal writers often have to work under the pressure of tight deadlines. The Legal Writing Institute provides workshops and courses to help legal writers advance their careers.

How much you can earn: $59k - $81k a year.


4. Transcriptionist

Transcriptionists listen to audio recordings and type out what they hear. As a transcriptionist, you’ll be listening to business meetings, college lectures, personal conversations, interviews, YouTube videos, court hearings, and any other type of  re-cording you can imagine.

There are a lot of companies that hire general transcriptionists without any experience or degree. If you can pass the preliminary transcription test, you can certainly land a job.

But there are also more specialized jobs, such working as medical transcriptionist. A medical transcriptionist transcribes reports dictated by doctors and other healthcare professions. These jobs require a higher degree of accuracy, experience and training.

If you have five or more years of experience transcribing for a medical organization and you have relevant certifications, you can be paid significantly more for your services.

How much you can earn: $15 - $61 per hour.

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5. Remote Nursing

Remote nursing jobs are in high demand due to the pandemic. If you are a registered nurse or have a nursing degree, you can use phones and telemedicine technology to help patients while working from home.

Travel nurses also fall under the category of remote nursing. Travel nurses can help hospitals to relieve staffing shortages and deal with a health care crisis like the pandemic. They travel to other parts of the country to live and work temporarily, but sometimes for extended periods of timed

A lot of nursing care and healthcare facilities are looking for telecommuting nurses who are compassionate and genuinely want to help patients. Generally speaking, your chances of getting hired will be better if you have more than two years of clinical and practical experience. 

If you want more details, check out our complete guide to remote nursing for career changers and RNs. 

How much you can earn: $75K – 80k per year.

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6. English Tutor for Children in China

Do you speak English well? Do you have a bachelor’s degree or teaching experience? If your answer is yes, you are more than qualified to teach English as a second language to kids in China.

There’s a massive demand to learn English from native English speakers. One report concluded that the online language education market in China will reach $77.39 billion by 2022. So, if you’re a native speaker, and the idea of helping students learn your language excites you, tutoring from home can be a great opportunity. Learn all the details in our complete guide to remote tutoring.

While some online teaching companies don’t require a degree, having a bachelor’s degree will broaden the range of companies you can work for.

How much you can earn: $12 - $25 per hour.

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7. Virtual Travel Agent

It may seem like most people make their own travel arrangements online these days, but you’d surprised to know how many want an expert to do it for them.

If you love travel and enjoy talking to people, you can become a remote travel agent for companies like Nexion Travel Group and Travel Planners International.

A lot of travelers simply don’t want the stress of looking for the best deals on hotels, flights, tours, and meals in an unknown city or country. Also, people know that travel professionals have access to special promotions and discount codes through their suppliers.

As a virtual travel agent, you’ll help your clients make reservations for travel and accommodations. You’ll provide personalized attention to your clients while making sure their trip is a memorable experience.

How much you can earn: $23k – $70k a year

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8. Ghostwriter

A ghostwriter is a writer for hire who doesn’t receive any credit for their work. If you love writing, want to make good money, and don’t mind someone else taking the credit, then ghostwriting is could be a great job for you.

A lot of publishers hire ghostwriters on an ongoing basis, so you can have a fairly consistent stream of work.  You’ll never have to pitch the content you write, hoping that someone will buy it.

In addition to publishing companies, many professionals and business websites also hire ghostwriters to make it appear like someone within the company has written the content.

How much you can earn: It depends on how much you can write per day but $500 - $3,000 on average.

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9. Digital Marketing Specialist

It’s estimated that more than 70 percent of the U.S. population is on social media. With so many on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or all of the above, it makes sense that companies are using digital marketing reach potential customers.

A digital marketing specialist creates deploys all kinds of digital advertising content through social media, websites, text and email. The marketing content includes those paid ads you see on Google, Facebook, and YouTube. It can be complicated field that requires the ability to be creative and analyze data.

In simplest terms, you will be responsible for attracting new customers for the company you work for.

How much you can earn: $20 - $40 per hour.

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10. Remote Medical Case Manager

Remote case managers evaluate the psychosocial and clinical needs of their patients and help develop a treatment plan for them. They also communicate with the patient and answer any questions or concerns. 

If you have an associate or bachelor’s degree, and strong clinical knowledge, you can get hired as a remote case manager. In your role, you’ll be required to help your patients through their medical treatment and give them the right referrals if necessary.

You’ll also coordinate with other healthcare providers to follow the care plan and follow up on results.

How much you can earn: $25 - $40 per hour.

You can apply for case manager positions on MotherWorks.

11. Video Producer

As a work from home video producer, you can work with businesses to plan, write and edit their promotional videos.

If you get hired by a business, you’ll edit video and relevant images to create a final video ready for broadcast or online delivery. Depending on the job requirement, you may have to use dialogue, camera footage, special effects, graphics, and sound effects.

There is also a huge demand for scriptwriters for explainer videos, video tutorials, and demo videos across various industries. If you are one of those few people who love watching commercials, you can have a lot of fun creating video scripts for companies.

How much you can earn: $65k - $100k+ per year.

12. Medical Writer

Medical Writers combine their talent for writing with their knowledge of science to produce a wide range of healthcare communications. As a medical writer, you might work with doctors and researchers. You might be writing for a medical institution, or for a physician’s practice. You might be writing for a pharmaceutical company. Or you might be writing for a for a company that markets a medical device.

If you love writing, and you have a passion for medicine, science, health and fitness, this can be a great way to earn money from home.

How much you can earn: $45k - $90k per year

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13. Speech Language Pathologist (SPL)

Speech therapists help to identify and treat a wide range of communication disorders that affect a person’s ability to speak and understand. Speech therapists are often hired by school systems to help children in need. They also work in medical centers, hospitals and in private practice.

In the U.S., you must have a master’s degree to work as a speech therapist.

If you are a licensed speech pathologist, you can also work remotely using telemedicine technology and video conferencing platforms such as Skype.

How much you can earn: $45k - $83k per year.

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14. Online Clinical Trial Manager

A remote clinical trial manager manages the clinical trial process by evaluating trial results, analyzing and interpreting results, modifying the trial structure if necessary, and sometimes presenting the findings at seminars.

If you have a bachelor’s degree along with 2+ years of managerial experience, you’d do really well as a remote clinical trial manager.

How much you can earn: $75k - $98k per year

15. Remote Social Worker

Helping people to deal with the emotional challenges of life, social workers are working more from home. Remote social work jobs cross multiple fields including counseling, education, healthcare, and nonprofit.

Treating mental and behavioral disorders, there are three main levels of licensed social workers.

  • Clinical social workers (CSW)
  • Licensed clinical social workers (LCSW)
  • Master’s social workers (MSW)

Licensed social workers can deliver care through telemental health technologies, including teleconferencing. Technology standards have been established by the National Association of Social workers.

How much you can earn: $40k - $50k per year

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16. Remote Fundraiser

As the name implies, a remote fundraising or development specialist helps organizations raise money. They also help with creating a fundraising campaign to raise as much money as possible.

Having incredible communication skills is important because you’ll have to contact many businesses and people and persuade them to donate money. If you have a knack for connecting with people, and making them “hear” you, this can be a good opportunity for you.

How much you can earn: $25 - $35 per hour.

17. Remote Insurance Jobs

Whether you have experience in customer service or nursing, you can work with an insurance company in a remote role. Many insurance providers like Aetna, The Hartford, Cigna, Humana, ING, and GEICO hire the following workers in a work-from-home capacity:

  • Salespeople
  • Registered nurse
  • Licensed insurance agent
  • Auditor
  • Insurance claims specialist
  • Underwriter
  • Customer service representative

If you’re looking for a telecommuting job role in the insurance industry, you can check out our most recent job listings.

How much you can earn: $40k - $108k per year

18. Search Engine Evaluator

Search engine evaluators conduct research and provide feedback that calculates the accuracy and relevance of internet search results.

If you have ever used Google to do extensive research on a certain topic, you know that search engines don’t always get it right. As a search engine evaluator, you will help make search results more relevant by evaluating online content and search results.  

Many digital marketing and SEO agencies hire search engine evaluators to analyze their clients’ web search results. If you can get hired to do this, you will have plenty of flexibility to work as many hours as you want.

How much you can earn: $12 - $15 per hour

19. Pharmacist

Thanks to the growing trend of telemedicine and remote healthcare, many companies in the industry are now hiring remote pharmacists. Sometimes they are called telepharmacists.

A telepharmacist delivers pharmacy services to patients via telecommunication. So, patients will receive their medicines and medical care in the comfort of their home.

As a telepharmacist, your job may include providing drug therapy monitoring, patient counseling, and drug refill authorization through teleconferencing or video conferencing.

How much you can earn: $35k - $52k per year.

20. Voiceover Artist / Voice Actor

Voiceover Artists or Voice actors use their voice to bring a script to life by creating or acting a certain character. You hear voice artists and actors in radio and television commercials, movies, audiobooks, phone greetings, and more.

As a voice actor, you can work right from your home using some recording gear and of course, the internet. If you have a distinct voice or people always compliment you on your voice, this can be a good career move for you.

How much you can earn: $1k - $5k per month, or more.