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22 Companies That Offer Part-Time Jobs With Benefits

22 Companies That Offer Part-Time Jobs With Benefits

Apart from the tremendous work you do at home, are you trying to care for your family financially as well? However, you know you don’t have the time to work a full-time job that comes with full-time benefits. Still, you are reluctant to work part-time because most such jobs don’t come with benefits. Well, we’ve found for you 22 companies you could work for that offer great benefits for part-time employees.

Moreover, we are showing you which companies offer benefits that align with a working mother’s needs versus the ones that sound nice, but you will probably never utilize. For example, a company might lure you with the benefit of providing you with taking off the expenses of tens of thousands of dollars for you to freeze your eggs. But you’re already a working MOM, so you already have kids and maybe don’t plan on having more. As generous as it seems, this benefit might not be useful to you specifically. 

It might, though, be beneficial to females in their 20s that haven’t started a family yet. On that note, according to critics, companies like Apple, Google, and Facebook providing this benefit send the wrong message to women; that of work being more important than family and that women can’t have both at the same time. And you, a working mother, are proof that it is indeed possible to work AND have kids simultaneously.

A crucial benefit that moms need is paid time off. This way, they don’t have to miss any of the important things in their children’s lives (such as school recitals, meetings with teachers, caregiving when they’re sick), and they don’t miss out on earning a salary while doing these things. Moreover, benefits such as childcare, special breastfeeding area, and paid maternity leave are ones that really make a working mom’s life easier.

(According to recent research, caregiving is among the top ten employee health and wellness benefits priorities for employers, and most employers agree that in the next five years, caregiving is going to become an even more important issue among employees.)

Benefits are more important than salary! 80% of workers would choose a job with benefits over an identical job that offered 30% more salary with no benefits, according to the American Institute of CPAs. But the bad news for part-time workers is that benefits such as health and dental insurance, 401(k), and tuition support, are often benefits limited to full-time employees only. 

Actually, according to a 2017 survey by the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM), only 34% of employers extend healthcare coverage to part-time workers. But the battle to hire and retain workers is making big companies do their utmost best to update their benefits policies to lure and retain them.

Here are 22 companies who extend these benefits and perks to part-time workers too, making it available for you to succeed in your career while enjoying a healthy home life.

1. Starbucks

Starbucks offers very good benefits to part-time employees making it a company that is sought after by students or mothers who decide to work part-time. These benefits include medical, dental, vision coverage, life insurance, and 401k matching. Part-timers are offered a unique combination of perks, health benefits, and assistance called “Your Special Blend.” Moreover, most part-time employees receive coverage for hospitalization, lab tests and x-rays, office visits, emergency care, and prescription drugs.

Eligible for enrollment: after 3 months of employment (240 hours)

Special benefits/perks: Starbucks’ generous package also offers special benefits college tuition reimbursement, adoption assistance, mental health treatment, including chemical dependency and short-term counseling for stress-related issues.

Family care: Starbucks’ benefits package for full and part-time employees includes workers’ paid parental leave for up to six weeks, including sick days. Adoption allowance is also paid at 100% of their average pay for up to 6 weeks. In addition, all new parents are eligible to take 12 weeks of unpaid leave without needing to meet Family Medical Leave (FMLA) eligibility requirements. Further, non-store partner new parents – including spouses and domestic partners – who welcome a new child, by birth, foster or by adoption, will be eligible to take 12 weeks of paid leave.

In January of the upcoming year, Starbucks will start offering Care@Work. Which means all Starbucks partners who work at U.S. company-owned stores will receive 10 subsidized backup care days a year for kids and adults. Employees will be able to choose to pay $1 a day for in-home care, or they can pay $5  a day for each child at a center. After the 10 days, workers pay the full cost for services to

2. Ikea

At Ikea, they consider co-workers working at least 20 hours to be full-time and they give corresponding benefits to all employees. Ikea was also ranked number one for the amount of Paid time Off it allows in the retail industry. Competitive medical and prescription plan (for co-workers who work more than 20 hours a week), generous 401(k), dental and vision plans. 

Eligible for enrollment: after 6 months of employment

Special perks/benefits: Retirement plan called “Tack” (the Swedish word for “thank you”), tuition assistance, co-worker discount, and meal deal, & pet insurance.

Family care: Yes. As found by Times, Ikea has a generous policy for new parents. The company offers four months of paid parental leave for employees who have worked there at least a year (part-timers too).

3. Costco

Costco is also known for providing its part-time employees good healthcare coverage such as medical, vision,  hearing, prescription, and behavioral) for them and their families. Other benefits include 401k plan, core dental plan, dependent care assistance, disability, life insurance to all eligible part-timers. Costco also has a good volunteer time off program for every team member to spend 20 paid working hours per year on volunteer work of choice. 

Eligible for enrollment: after 6 months of employment (or 600 hours)

*BUT eligible for health coverage after only 450 hours

Special perks/benefits: Most Costco warehouses have pharmacies in-house, making it easy to pick up prescriptions at work. Benefit-eligible employees’ co-payments can be as little as $3 for generic medications, and a 15% co-pay applies to other types of medications. 

Family care: Costco Wholesale offers 12 weeks of paid maternity leave, 12 weeks of unpaid maternity leave, and 12 weeks of unpaid paternity leave. All employees whose families qualify can take advantage of tax savings by enrolling in the Dependent Care Assistance Plan. This allows you to pay for daycarefor children under 13, as well as adult daycare, with pre-tax dollars. Costco has a great Adoption Assistance Reimbursement program that pays certain fees associated with the adoption process.

4. REI

REI pays for the majority of part-time employees’ medical plan cost with the Flex Plan. It provides generous profit sharing benefits, health insurance, disability, life insurance, and traditional 401k. Paid

time off includes vacation pay, sick pay, 8 paid holidays and sabbatical pay. Employees can also request up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave in a year.

Eligible for enrollment: after 1 year of employment

Special perks/benefits: REI employees receive 50% discounts on REI Gear and Apparel. They also offer a  50% off public transit subsidy for commuters, and you can gain an extra $100 – $2,000 bonus for employee referrals. Other perks include a national discount gym/fitness and tuition reimbursement. REI supports outdoor adventures, so they offer all employees a ‘Yay Day’ every six months to go outside and play. Then there are REI Adventures! which are basically trips with a 30% discount.

Family careREI provides a generous leave of absence program, including REI Medical and Family leave for employees who do not yet meet FMLA eligibility. Additionally, REI extends FMLA leave to care for a life partner, life partner’s child or a sibling. REI also provides two weeks of paid parental leave for working mothers and fathers. In addition, adoptive parents who are eligible for the REI Flex Plan can receive up to $3,000 reimbursement to apply toward adoption costs.

5. General Mills

Health insurance for all employees includes medical & vision care, mental healthcare, dental care, and prescription drug subsidy. General Mills provides 18 days paid time off, 15 days paid sick days and 12 weeks unpaid sabbatical after 7 year(s) of employment. Medical facilities are provided at some locations and coverage is screening for breast cancer, skin cancer, prostate cancer, blood pressure. 

Eligible for enrollment: after 1 year of employment (19+ hours per week)

Special perks/benefits: Alternative treatments such as acupuncture, homeopathy, or chiropractic are also provided by General Mills.  Moreover, a fitness center is available to use at some locations.

Family care: Yes. Fully-paid maternity leave lasts 30 days. For fathers, job-protected paternity lasts 10 days, as well as the leave for adoptive parents. Other things to make a working mother’s life easier include: onsite childcare (at headquarters), on-site or near-site backup childcare center, paid sick leave to care for a child or relative, offsite subsidized childcare, childcare reimbursement during business travel and elder care resources. Moreover, they also cover fertility treatments when eligible. 

This company is one of the best ones for working mothers also for the fact that they provide lactation rooms for breastfeeding mothers. Each lactation room has its own breast pump, a comfortable chair, and sanitizing wipes. Moreover, it has its own mini-refrigerator for the mom to store her milk.  Source: General Mills

6. Apple

As of 2010, Apple has made it possible for part-time employees to receive full medical insurance coverage, as part of their compensation. Besides providing insurance coverage for employees, Apple extends it to their spouse, domestic, or same-sex partner. Apart from good pay, the benefits seem to be what keeps everyone happy. As for other larger benefits like vision, dental, health, they are available after 90 days.

Employees are treated to free beer and appetizers at the company’s beer bashes. At Apple, new hires get 12 days of paid time off — but Glassdoor reviewers report it increases over time.

Eligible for enrollment: after 1 year of employment (only 15+ hours per week)

Special perks/benefits: one word: discounts. Apple workers get 25% discount per item once a year, 10% discount afterwards, and a one time $500 discount every 3 years for larger purchases are provided.

Family care: Apple offers up to 18 weeks of paid time off and an additional six weeks of unpaid time off for all birth parents. Other parents of a newborn, newly adopted, or newly placed foster child “may be eligible” for up to six weeks of paid time off and an additional six weeks of unpaid time off.

Apple also offers a dependent daycare spending program, which allows employees to set aside up to $5,000 in pre-tax dollars for daycare. Finally, Apple offers ten days of “backup care” for elders and children, which can be used for emergencies or one-off needs. In addition, the tech company also covers the cost of egg freezing. 

7. Caribou Coffee

The coffee company Caribou Coffee also offers benefits to part-time workers normally only associated with full-time employment. For workers who meet that requirements, Caribou Coffee offers medicalvision, and dental coverage. Plus they offer a 401(k) and paid time off.

Eligible for enrollment: after 3 months of employment

Special perks/benefits: Free drinks per shift

Family care: Not really, but according to reviews, it is a good place to work at part-timely since there’s a friendly atmosphere.

8. Chipotle

Chipotle also offers part-time employees health insurance. 401k and matching, dental and vision are also covered for part-time employees and varying medical plans for individuals. 

Eligible for enrollment: after 1 year of employment

Special perks/benefits: Chipotle offers tuition reimbursement for those that don’t see themselves working in fast food longterm.

Family care: Health insurance is also offered to the employee’s life partner.

9. Lowe’s Home Improvement

Lowe’s is different from other companies on this list because it gives part-time employees the chance to immediately enroll in the benefit packages, by applying within 31 days of hire. These benefits include medical, dental, vision, life insurance, short-term disability, and 401K.

Eligible for enrollment: immediately

Special perks/benefits: Lowe’s offers an employee stock purchase plan for part-timers. Other benefits that are rarer to find in other companies are aid for critical illnesses and fixed indemnity.

Family care: Lowe’s has recently made changes to its parental leave policies and decided to reward full and part-time employees a one-time $1,000 cash bonus.

10. Staples

Staples also has a solid benefits package for part-time employees. They offer dental, vision, life, dependent life, accidental death, and short-term disability insurance coverage to all part-time associates. They are also eligible to participate in the 401(k) plan. They also share for the public that “The medical plan is currently via AETNA and costs employees approximately $24 per paycheck. That number rises to $65 if you’re also covering dependent children and/or a spouse.” However, if you live/work in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Washington, and North Dakota, you will not enjoy these benefits as they are not available for part-time workers.

Eligible for enrollment: after 2 months of employment

Special perks/benefits: in their Framingham office, employees have access to onsite health and fitness center, onsite dry cleaners, and onsite sundry and coffee shop.

Family care: The benefits are also available to the employees’ children and spouses. Associates in the Framingham Home Office have access to discounted onsite childcare.

11. Microsoft

Microsoft employees rate the benefits package 4.4 stars out of 5! As per a review on Glassdoor, part-time workers at Microsoft get the same benefits as full-timers, even though it will take some time to enjoy them. The benefits include a 401(k) plan that offers a $0.50 match for every pre-tax or Roth dollar saved, up to the IRS limit for pre-tax and Roth contributions.

 As for medical coverage, vision care offers one annual eye exam and reimbursement for one pair of glasses or contacts per year. Dental care is also covered  *including* orthodontic services. Regarding time off, 15 paid vacation days, 10 paid sick-leave days, 10 paid U.S. holidays, plus two personal days every year are offered. In addition, Microsoft gives its workers the possibility to keep a work-life balance by being able to accommodate your family’s needs with flexible work schedules.

Eligible for enrollment: after 1 year of employment

Special perks/benefits: 24-hour health line & free on-campus health screenings and flu shots are provided through the Living Well Health Center. For workers in the Seattle area, doctors can come to you, 24 hours a day. Microsoft CARES Employee Assistance Program: access to services for things like individual or family counseling, stress relief, and parental and educational support, and referrals for eldercare, childcare.

There’s also such thing as a College Coach program which helps with planning and navigating your children’s college admissions and the financing process. Finally, there’s the Stay fit package which reimburses annual expenses for gym memberships.

Family care: Microsoft offers a very generous parental leave compared to other companies: 20 weeks of paid time away for birth mothers and 12 weeks of fully paid parental leave for all other new parents including adoptions and foster placements. Moreover, employees are given 4 weeks of fully paid leave to care for an immediate family member with a serious health condition.  

To top it off, they send “baby boxes” and also offers a back-up child care program to employees. Moreover, lactation rooms are provided plus the cost of shipping breastmilk is covered for employees who travel for work.

Courtesy of Microsoft

12. JP Morgan Chase

This multinational bank is very generous with its part-time employees. The benefits include medical, dental, and vision, use of flexible spending accounts, disability, life and accidental insurance, and a 401(k). 

Eligible for enrollment: after 3 months of employment (20+ hours a week)

Special perks/benefits: After one year of service, all employees can take part in the JP Morgan Chase retirement plan, becoming 100% vested after three years of service. There’s also reimbursement for tuition and discounts on in-house products as long as you work over 20 hours of work per week. 

Family care: Childcare assistance is provided.

13. Nike

Nike is one of the companies that provides the best health benefits to its part-time employees. There are multiple packages you can benefit from by working for this company. Insurance covering health, life & accident, disability, basic dental and vision coverage are all offered.

Eligible for enrollment: after 1 year of employment

Special perks/benefits: On-site fitness centers!

Family careNike Child Development employees at its world-class childcare centers welcome hundreds of children every workday at the Nike World Headquarters in Beaverton, Ore. The teams provide the kids — infants to 5-year-olds — with a diverse, creative learning environment and experiences that only Nike can deliver. Easy access to Nike’s facilities and grounds offer opportunities for movement and activities, and Child Development employees often participate in on-campus farmer’s markets, athlete visits and other events.

14. Whole Foods

Whole Foods provides part-time employees with decent health insurance and a good 401k plan and overtime pay for those working over 20 hours a week. While not as generous as full-time benefits, the benefits are still considerable, especially when combined with their “Personal Wellness” program where part-time employees can earn up to $1,800 every year to pay for their health deductibles and other out-of-pocket health expenses.

Eligible for enrollment: after 3 months of employment (20+ hours a week)

Special perks/benefits: Employees get 20% to 30% off your sale purchases which is great for grocery shopping expenses.

Family care: Domestic partners are also eligible to receive the employee discount.

15. Aerotek

Aerotek offers generous medical benefits to its contracted workers who put in at least 20 hours per week. Medical benefits include dental and vision coverage. They offer 401(k) and plans to save for retirement and college. Tuition reimbursement for career-related courses is possible after six months.   Employees have 16 paid days off each year and two extra days of paid time off which can be used anytime during the year for non-national holidays that are important to you.

Eligible for enrollment: after 1 month of employment

Special perks/benefits: Aerotek employees receive discounts on car rentals, electronics, entertainment, fashion, travel, and many other services. 

Family care: Spouses and dependent children are also eligible for this insurance. For a part-time working mother who needs health coverage for other family members, this is an excellent place to work at.

16. United Parcel Service (UPS)

United Postal Service provides part-time workers employees the same benefits package that full-time workers receive. This includes medical, dental, vision, and hearing care, HSA, life insurance, stock purchase incentives, and prescription drug coverage. You also have access to their Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

Eligible for enrollment: after 3 months of employment (225+ hours)

Special perks/benefits: “Earn and learn” is an attractive tuition assistance program, which offers a $25,000 lifetime benefit to employees taking courses toward a degree at an accredited brick-and-mortar or online college or university.

Family care: Once your own benefits eligibility begins, your dependents also become eligible for the medical, prescription drug, dental, vision, hearing, and behavioral health benefits. Your dependents can be your spouse (or ex in some cases), your children up to 26 years of age (or older if disabled).

17. Barnes & Noble

Part-time employees at Barnes & Noble, a premier bookseller, also get a generous benefits package. Part-time employees receive paid vacation time, personal time, sick days, and holidays. Work schedules are very flexible, making it a desirable job for working mothers. Employees can take part in dental and health plans. The company also offers a 401(k) plan with employer match up to four percent. Moreover, they also offer competitive programs for transit benefits.

Eligible for enrollment: after 6 months of employment

Special perks/benefits: The employees receive discounts on all products, including electronics, flowers and banking services and the e-reader Nook and its accessories. One can also increase your product knowledge or read for fun through their book loan program, which is available for both hard copies of books and NOOK Books.

Family care: Coverage for your spouse or domestic partner and children is also available. 

18. 5/3 Bank

The banking giant offers fairly generous benefits to part-time employees who put in more than 20 hours per week. These benefits include health, dental, vision, and life insurance.

Eligible for enrollment: after 1 month of employment 

Special perks/benefits: part-timers are also eligible for “Benefit Choice Dollars” which is an additional cash compensation equal to 4% of benefits salary that can be used to offset the cost of elected benefits.

Family care: Apart from the benefits it offers, 5/3 Bank seems to have a reputation of being family unfriendly, as per former employees’ words.

19. H&M

H&M offers to its part-timers benefits including medical, vision, vacation time, and 401(k).

Eligible for enrollment: after 1 year of employment (1,250 hours)

Special perks/benefits:  Pet insurance and a paid day off on employees’ birthdays.

Family care: It has recently been announced that beginning of January 2019, H&M will offer six weeks of paid parental leave to eligible part-time employees. The retailer decided to extend its leave policy since the majority of H&M’s employees (10,000 people) are part-time workers.

20. Lands’ End

Part-time and seasonal employees at Land’s End, whether at corporate headquarters or in retail stores, receive benefits that include auto insurance, health insurance, a group legal plan, and others. They also offer generous employee discounts on Lands’ End and Sears merchandise, and free access to the Comer Center, a state-of-the-art fitness and wellness complex for Lands’ End employees and their families. 

On their website, they say they’re big on preventative care which is why they have an onsite Medical Center which gives employees access to regular health screenings and a full range of physicians, dietitians, dermatologists, physical and massage therapists. 

Eligible for enrollment: n/a

Special perks/benefits: Merchandise discounts for employees, their spouses, and dependent children are given. Employees receive additional discounts from a variety of national and regional brands, including Apple and Ford and Sears® stores, as well as savings on movie tickets, cell phones, insurance and family destinations like Wisconsin Dells waterparks and attractions. A reviewer on Glassdoor says “50% Employee discount of clothing for you and your family (great if you have growing kids).”

Moreover, homeowner’s insurance is offered. Plus there’s onsite dry cleaning and an onsite market as additional perks. 

Family care: Childcare assistance is provided. They also have a family-friendly Comer Center which offers health and wellness activities for Lands’ End employees, retirees and their families access to many programs, from CPR training, basketball and swimming to knitting classes, prenatal care, and martial arts.

21. Home Depot

The benefits package at Home Depot is available to both part-time hourly and full-time hourly employees. While only full-time employees are eligible for medical benefits, part-timers can still get dental, vision, short-term disability, and life insurance. 

Eligible for enrollment: only if you work 30+ hours a week

Special perks/benefits: Many part-time employees can qualify for tuition reimbursement, the employee stock purchase plan, and an employee discount on items purchased at their store.

Family care: Adoption assistance is offered.  The Back-Up Dependent Care Advantage Program offers eligible associates 10 days of backup care when you need to be at work and your regular child or adult/elder care is unavailable.

22. Activision Blizzard

If you’re a part-time employee for video game developer Activision Blizzard and you work for 30 hours a week, you are entitled to a 100% coverage for your healthcare premium which includes prescription drugs, vision, and dental care, and mental care covered.

Eligible for enrollment: only if you work 30+ hours a week

Special perks/benefits: They have a strong tuition assistance program designed to “assist employees in furthering their educational development in an ongoing effort to recruit, retain and develop qualified individuals.”

Family care: The dependents of a part-time employee are also eligible for about 80% healthcare company coverage. Activision Blizzard sends new parents home with a $1,500 baby-soothing bassinet which they have on loan for 6 months.

If you’re a mother job hunting for a part-time job with benefits, this list represents a good starting point. One of them will surely work for you!