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5 Reasons Hybrid Work Is Here to Stay

5 Reasons Hybrid Work Is Here to Stay

More and more employees want to work from home or work part-time from home.

Employers need to decide if they will be more open to change or risk losing good workers because they aren't flexible enough. To succeed, organizations need to move away from practices that are the same for everyone to ones that are more personalized.

People's feelings about hybrid work are very different, according to new research from both Google Workspace and Kaspersky. While a lot of people like working from home, some worry about how to network when they do.

But as office occupancy rates slowly start to rise again, there are growing gaps between those who are happy with the new normal and those who would rather go back to how things were before the pandemic.

Here are five reasons hybrid work is here to stay!

  1. Promotes Productivity

A study by Microsoft shows that the performance of employees went up during the pandemic. About 82% of leaders say that their employees are working harder and getting more done. Since employees get to avoid commutes, it allows them to focus on their work. By picking their own work hours, they can do their best work. So, if someone works best at night, they can change their routine to fit their needs.

  1. Reduce Costs

According to a study by PWC, 31% of executives think that more people working from home will mean they will need less office space.

When real estate costs go down, operational costs go down, too. Rental costs for businesses can be cut by a huge amount. The need to offer more conveniences also goes down a lot.

Because of all of this, organizations have decided to keep using the hybrid work model.

  1. Improves Employee Satisfaction

The 2021 Work Index from Microsoft shows that 73% of employees want a hybrid workplace.

By using one, a company can cut down on employee turnover. It also gives you the chance to hire good people from other places.

Balance is one of the best things about a hybrid workplace that people want. When productivity and happiness go up, satisfaction goes up, too. Your goal should be to make things easy for your employees.

  1. The Need For Face-To-Face Interactions 

When we work together face-to-face, we get more done. Even though working from home improved the balance between work and life, employees feel that their relationships with their coworkers have gotten worse. 

Collaboration should be a big part of your new office, whether you do it face-to-face or by making the most of your hybrid meetings.

  1. Future Proofs Your Organization

Organizations need to be certain that they are putting themselves in a position to have long-term flexibility in order to be able to react appropriately to whatever the future may have in store for them.

There’s no question hybrid work models are here to stay. Ignoring this new world of work is no longer an option.