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6 Reasons Employers and Employees are Happier in Remote Environment

6 Reasons Employers and Employees are Happier in Remote Environment

According to numerous studies, employees who regularly work remotely are happier and stay with their companies longer than on-site employees. This is hugely beneficial to employers who want to hold onto their talent and ensure their workforce is happy and productive.

This article outlines six key reasons employers and employees are happier in a remote work environment.

1. Better work-life balance
86% of people feel that working remotely reduces stress.

Remote work allows people to be closer to friends and family. No longer restricted by the location of their employer, men and women are now living and working where they want. And many are choosing to prioritize living near friends and family so they can spend more quality time with those they love.

Less time commuting also means more time with those we love. Rather than sit in a car or on a train with strangers, people spend quality time with family over the breakfast table. Keeping the family together more often leads to a more well-balanced life.

Employers benefit hugely from having a workforce with a better work-life balance. Happier employees are more productive, motivated, and innovative.

2. Increased productivity
75% of people who work remotely do so because there are fewer distractions.

Happy employees are productive employees. Flexible work allows people to spend more time with those they love, work in an environment where they feel comfortable, and spend less time commuting.

Not everyone is at their best from 9-5. The ability to set their work schedule allows employees to work during the more productive hours. This might mean early hours or even working late into the evening.

Working from home or in a remote location also limits distractions from co-workers coming to chit-chat at your desk. Offices can be highly distracting and can significantly reduce productivity.

3. Time Saved
Telecommuting in 2015 saved employers $44 billion in total.

Did you know that employee happiness decreases as commute times increase? The amount of time wasted traveling to and from an office is significant. Remote work saves employees considerable time, allowing them to spend more time with friends and family, on hobbies they love or tackling a heavy workload. Time saved benefits everyone, employees and organizations. There’s no arguing; time saved by shifting to a remote work model is good for everyone.

4. Freedom and Flexibility
40% of people feel the greatest benefit of remote work is the flexible schedule.

The freedom and flexibility of remote work options empower your workforce and lead to more loyal employees. When one feels they are in control of their day, they are more likely to take charge, challenge themselves, and feel more connected to their organization. If organizations hope to retain their top talent, providing freedom and flexibility will be key.

5. Money Saved
Companies that allow remote work have 25% lower employee turnover than those that don’t.

There are many ways remote work saves both employees and employers money. The cost of commuting, office space and even employee turnover are all positively impacted by going remote. When it comes to saving money, everyone wins with remote work.

6. A Happier Workforce
Remote Work Increases Employee Happiness By 20%

A recent study by Tracking Happiness found that workers who can work from home are happier at work. Workers who worked from home 100% of the time were 20% more satisfied on average than those who couldn’t work from home. And happier employees are more productive employees. That’s great for business!

Remote work is better for employee happiness, productivity, and sustainability. We shared six reasons in this article, but there are countless more. If you have not considered hiring remotely, now is the time!

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