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7 Best Remote Jobs in Baltimore

Work from home jobs are more popular than ever. Most companies in varies of industries nowadays offer their employees a chance to work from home. People’s need for more flexible jobs, remote jobs and part-time jobs with benefits, and companies need to find the best and most experienced workers has lead to a solution that we call work from home jobs. This has especially played well for mothers who are always looking for jobs that allow them to still stay around their kids while maintaining a career. Flexible jobs for working moms are definitely the ones to look for.

Recruiters have actually found out that working from home benefits both, the employer and the employee. Employers don’t have to limit their talent search in their residency area. With the evolution of technology, meetings and discussions are easily accessible from anywhere in the world. Employees benefit in many different ways from work at home jobs. Not do they only same money and time on commuting, but they also have less stressful work hours.

Since mothers, but not only, are always on the hunt for these types of jobs, their demand has been complemented with a supply of these jobs. There is a big number of companies that are offering remote jobs and mothers can take advantage. And these jobs are diverse and differing, starting from the industry they’re in, to the amount of effort that they require to be done. A number of these companies are located in Baltimore, making it easy for mothers there to work for a local business and be available if per se, they need to attend some meetings there.  

Bellow, you will find 7 best remote jobs in Baltimore.

Call center jobs

Call center jobs are something we think about when we think about flexible jobs. A call center representative is someone that serves as a middle man between a company and its costumers. They deal with identifying consumer’s needs, managing them, and offering solutions to them. There are many types of call center representatives but the most common ones are customer service, technical troubleshooting, help desk, and inbound sales. The diversity is not only in the type of job but also in the industry it operates in. Most companies that work with clients have a call center job category. This means more work opportunities.


Writing is one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling for some people. If you’re that kind of mom that enjoys putting their thoughts on writing, this is the job for you. 

Writing jobs are easily adapted to work at home jobs and they are amongst some of the most diverse jobs in the context of industry and type of writing. Writing can take many forms, from writing long articles to copywriting, product descriptions, and many others. This is why this job is so flexible and so suitable for moms.


Transcription is the job in which you create written copies of audio recordings. Transcriptionists usually work in one of the two fields, medical or legal. Medical transcriptionist transcribe medical reports or test results to patients. On the other hand legal transcriptionist act as court reporters where they transcribe dialogs in hearings at court. This is a job for a fast typer and experienced individual in the particular field.

Data Entry

A data entry job is one easily done from home. It requires a computer and a good internet connection. 

To be a good data entry operator you must be a fast and responsible typer and also have an eye for details. Your job would include entering customer and account data from source documents. Ultimately, you would be responsible for entering and maintaining accurate, up to date data for that specific company.


You might not think that teaching is a work done remotely. But with private and online classes, you could very well be a teacher from home. Online teaching has become a popular profession over the past few years. People all over the world are looking for teachers of a foreign language or a particular skill. Whatever your field of knowledge and expertise is, you could probably teach it to someone else and turn it into a career for yourself.

Accounting and bookkeeping

An accountant’s job is to audit accounts, provide financial advice, and undertake account administration. This job is easily done from the comfort of your own home, but you do need a bachelors degree and experience. This one lies with the jobs that take a little more effort but that pay the best. If you are someone who has a degree in accounting and have previously worked in this profession, you won’t find it hard to convert to a work from home environment.

Social media

A Social media manager is someone that takes care of the online presence of a brand or business through their accounts in social media. This job is perfect for a work at home setting, as it only requires a computer and connection to the internet. This job requires that you manage social media marketing campaigns, create and post relevant content that reaches the company’s targeted audience.

Work from home jobs is an all-around good opportunity for moms to manage work-life balance. If you are a mom that has previously worked, but now you want to dedicate a little of your time to your family, these are the jobs for you.