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An Essential Guide to Data Entry Jobs From Home

Have you been wondering if data entry jobs are right for you? The world around us is data-driven. Businesses need that vital information organized, cataloged, and entered into their systems. 

More than ever, data entry keyers can do their job from home. This is a wonderful chance for people to break into the work-from-home lifestyle.

If you are a single mother, don't have higher education, or simply need a job fast, data entry jobs may be the best employment opportunity for you. A variety of businesses are looking for motivated workers just like you. 

With very little skills and experience, you can land an online data entry job. And best of all, you can enjoy the freedom of working from home with a per-piece pay arrangement.  

Keep reading to find out what skills, equipment, benefits, and job opportunities are out there waiting for you. 

When you are ready to apply, you will find lots of data entry positions on MotherWorks.

Data Entry Jobs From Home No Experience

Many people want to know if they can get away with applying to data entry positions with little to no experience. Yes, you can totally do data entry jobs from home no experience necessary. But there are some skills you will need to know.

The following are characteristics and basic skills you would want to have for data entry jobs.

  • Basic Computer Skills: There is no way around this you need to have basic computer skills for data entry positions. These skills would include operations, software installation and updating, and the use of anti-malware and antivirus programs.  
  • Software Knowledge: More basics, you need to know how to use a word processing software like Microsoft Word. Other programs you will need to use and have some basic familiarity with may include Google Docks, Excel, Sheets, and other data entry software.
  • Keyboarding Skills: Did you take keyboarding in high school? That's a plus. You will need to be able to type quickly and correctly.
  • Organizational Skills: Your main purpose and a data entry specialist is to create order. Employers of data entry jobs are seeking people that can be efficient, detail-oriented, and orderly.
  • Communication Skills: Data entry jobs from home require good communication skills via phone and email. You'll need to be professional, polite, and effective.
  • Contentment: Data entry isn't the most exciting task. You will need to find contentment in completing repetitive tasks and sitting at a desk.

Don't worry about stringent qualifications. If you have a high school diploma and you can read and write English, chances are you have what it takes for a data entry career.

What Equipment Needed for Online Typing Jobs

When it comes to online typing jobs like data entry, there is some basic equipment you'll need.

  • Home Computer: There is no way around this. You'll need computer access with reliable high-speed internet.
  • Data Processing Programs: Depending on the positions you find, it is a good idea to have access to a variety of software programs. This will give you a better opportunity to pick up freelance jobs as they come available.
  • Home Office Space: If you're serious about putting in decent working hours you'll want a comfortable workspace. Bad posture while typing can hurt your back, neck, and wrists. Having a dedicated workspace can help you be a more efficient remote worker.
  • Numeric Keypad: This optional piece of equipment can be a lifesaver. Since you will likely be entering a considerable amount of numerical data a numeric keypad is more practical vs. the number row at the top of a common keyboard. Find a keyboard with a squared-off numeric keypad or a USB attachable keypad to add to your existing system.

Best Data Entry Jobs

Data entry jobs from home can be different from those done in an office. Regardless, data entry is the input of numerical, alphabetic, or symbolic data into a business' computer system.

Data entry jobs may include: 

  • coders
  • typists
  • electronic data processors
  • transcribers
  • clerks
  • word processors

There are a variety of remote data entry jobs available. As the popularity of remote work continues to rise, so will the number of positions.

Real estate firms, local government, hospitals, schools, accounting firms, law firms, membership organizations, and retailers need data entry work from home employees just like you. 

The following are some descriptions of the best data entry jobs available:

  • Accounting Clerk: Responsibilities may include data entry of invoices, 3-way matching of invoices to verify purchases, and general accounting/administrative support as needed.
  • Hospital Data Entry: Your duties may include entering patient details, treatment specifications, and doctor’s prescriptions.
  • School Bookkeeper: The job description may include inputting staff details, student details, academic documentation, and payments.
  • Realtor Data Entry: Busy realtors are outsourcing work like property details, client details, and documentation.
  • Retailer Data Entry: Your duties may include cataloging products and inputting transaction details.
  • Contract Data Entry: The job responsibilities will span processing documents, applications, and transactions daily. You'll verify various documents to ensure correctness, compile and organize details in the company database, and manage confidential information.
  • Technical Data Entry: Responsibilities may include entering physician, clinic/hospital demographics, provider types, licensing information, and financial terms as outlined in their contracts into the company database.
  • Remote Clerical: The duties of this position include typical office work such as recording, maintaining records, copying, posting, and more. 
  • Data Technician: Your responsibilities may include research and data collection, data analysis, data reporting/presentations, preparing/sorting documents for data entry, transcribing source data, and performing high-volume data entry using word processing, spreadsheet, or database.

How Much Do Data Entry Jobs Pay

Keep in mind there are various terms used for data entry when you are seeking data entry jobs. You may find listings for transcription work or coding. These positions may require a little more skill or experience (particularly medical coding). But true data entry work from home requires the least amount of experience.

The lack of skill requirements will affect pay rates.

Some data entry jobs pay hourly, but online data work often pays per piece, keystrokes per minute, keystrokes per hour, per audio minute, or per word. This makes your pay dependant on performance (your ability to work quickly and accurately).

Currently, the average data entry clerk hourly pay is $15.47, so expect to make between $10-$23 an hour. When it comes to how much do data entry jobs pay, your income will be dependent upon your willingness to put in hours. You could expect an annual income of $22k - $48k.


Data Entry Jobs From Home Without Investment

Beware of online scams. Sadly, many online data entry positions you see advertised are scams.

Scammers know there are lots of people looking for work these days and are particularly looking for work from home jobs. 

You should be able to find data entry jobs from home without investment. Be skeptical if a business asks for any of these situations involving money:

  • You're told if you pay a fee, you will receive a job.
  • You're asked to pay money so you can pay for administrative fees, receive equipment to start the job, or take a required test.
  • You're asked to pay for a training course or certificate program.
  • You're asked for money in exchange for further information on data entry positions.

Chances are once you pay the money; you will never hear from them again. Don't give out your driver's license number, social security number, or bank account information before confirming that you're dealing with a legitimate company.

Other scams may include the scammer sending you money. It starts with the scammer sending you a check. After you deposit the check, the scammer will ask you to send money to someone else (usually for "work supplies") and once you send the money you realize their check has bounced.

To avoid work from home scams find online data entry jobs through a reputable remote work job site.

Benefits of Data Entry Work From Home

Welcome to the world of the gig-economy. People all over the country are moving to a work-as-you-wish business model. For some, it is a way to hustle for extra cash, and for others, it's all about convenience.

Data entry can be on a gig basis, part-time, and even full-time work. 

If you've never had the opportunity to work from home but aren't sure where to start data entry may be a good opportunity for you. The following are a few benefits of online data entry you may want to consider:

1) Working From Home

Data entry may be done from an office or online, but the benefits of working from home are numerous. This includes laundry over lunch, bathroom breaks when you want, and convenient lunch access.

Bonus, online data entry jobs can be done from anywhere you have an internet connection, so you can work while you are on vacation or while having a coffee at Starbucks.

2) Flexible Working Schedule

Besides wearing your pajamas to work, data entry work from home allows you amazing flexibility. This is great for mothers.

Often, your job can be done at your convenience which could mean, naptime, after the kids are in bed, or when the children are at school. You will have the ability to take care of sick children, help in your child's classroom, or work with a toddler running around.

As long as you hit your deadlines your employer will be none the wiser.

3) Pay Per Piece

Data entry work is typically paid per piece. So, as time goes on, and your typing skills improve so will your income. 

Also, in times when you need more cashflow—like Christmas or financial hardship—you can easily increase your income by taking on more work.

4) Money Saved

Saving money while working remotely is often forgotten. You absolutely will save cash by eliminating commute or car expenses. Add in the possible childcare savings and you're talking big bucks.

Some remote works realize they save on food expenses by avoiding the cafeteria, food truck, and restaurant meals.

And you may even find yourself saving money by eliminating the need to buy "work clothes."

5) Low Stress

Remote data entry is a great job for busy mothers. The flexibility is convenient and it's a great way to earn income without further training. Usually, the tasks are pretty straightforward and methodical, so they can be performed with little stress. 

Also, it is easy to gauge how much work you need to complete to reach a financial goal.

6) Gain Experience

Basic data entry rolls are easy to get into. These jobs will help you gain computer skills and grow your industry vocabulary. With about a year of experience, you can break into higher-paying data entry jobs and related careers. 

The Final Entry on Typing Jobs

If the benefits of working data entry jobs from home sound appealing to you we hope you take the opportunity to look into it. The money you will save on gasoline and daycare could be enough motivation alone.

But momma, we know the flexible schedule for online data entry jobs is a big plus. Women find much more enjoyment with flexible remote work positions that allow them to work at their convenience. 

This flexibility allows for a happier and healthier work environment for you. Work from home moms avoid illnesses passed around at work, have less stress, and may even fit in that elusive workout. 

Our main word of caution is to use a reputable remote work job site like to find your data entry job. Scams for typing positions are prevalent, and scammers are preying on your desire to make money and your inexperience with online work. 

MotherWorks is a safe place for you to search data entry jobs and related keywords such as (but not limited to) clerk, typist, clerical, and word processor. And check out our blog for even more great tips and resources to help you find the perfect career path for you.