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The 11 Top-Paying Jobs for Moms

Becoming a parent comes with many other responsibilities that require time, effort and money. As if that wasn’t enough, our time dedicated to work shortens and we are left with fewer options. Many young parents are faced with this difficulty.

But with technology advances and the new working trends, there are many careers that allow you to have a “mom-friendly” schedule and offer the option to work remotely. These are the kind of flexible jobs that parents are looking for. And the good thing about them is that you don’t have to compromise your salary to have a flexible job that improves your work-life balance. 

Here are some jobs that pay well by the hour and have flexibility advantages:

1. Financial planner, $89,160

Everyone needs help with their finances. This is the perfect job for those with a financial background. Your job would be to help your clients meet their short-term and long-term financial goals, investment, insurance, taxes, etc.

2. Dental hygienist, $72,720 

A dental hygienist stands somewhere between a dental professional and a dental assistant. Your duty would be to keep your client’s teeth and gums clean, but not diagnose and perform any big procedures. To practice this profession, you must first be certified. 

3. Acupuncturist, $59,900

Acupuncture is an old Chinese treatment therapy using needles. As an acupuncturist, you would have to meet your clients, discuss their symptoms and diagnose them. After that follows a session of 30 minutes to an hour where, using the ancient techniques, you would treat their problem. If you work as a freelancer, you could set your own schedule and hours to fit your family’s needs.

4. Market research analyst, $59,500

A market research analyst is someone that studies the market conditions and forecasts sales, market trends, gathers and analyzes data, prepares reports on them, etc. For this, you will need at least a bachelor’s degree, math and analytical skills.

5. Web developer, $55,400

The job of a web developer is to design, code and modify websites for their clients. The goal is to create user-friendly and high-functioning websites that would satisfy their clients’ needs and expectations. You could easily work as a freelancer and set your own schedule and hours.  

6. Pilates/Yoga Instructor/fitness trainer, $53,600

If you’re a mom that likes to take care of your health and are involved in physical activities, this is the perfect job for you. This allows you to stay fit and earn your living at the same time. Nowadays, Yoga, Pilates, and Fitness are very popular, so you won’t have a hard time finding a job that fits your schedule. 

7. Proofreading, $50,281

As a proofreader, you would be in charge of reviewing and correcting text. You would make sure that the text is error-free and is engaging to the audience. Setting your own hours with this job is very easy. You could join any online freelance marketplace and get to work. There, you set your own price and hours and decide what you want to work on, as long as the customers hire you.

8. Hairstylist/makeup artist, $49,050

This job requires a number of beauty services depending on a salon. The advantage of this profession is the ability to open your salon at home or to visit your clients at home when performing your services. 

9. Interior designer, $48,840 

An interior designer works in the interior spaces of the home, making them functional and beautiful to the eye. They fulfill the client’s requirements with creativity. In this profession, you can work as a freelancer by adjusting your own schedule.

10. Real estate agents, $45,610

Real estate agents study real estate prices, buy and sell properties for their clients and assist them during this process. This job includes the finalization of the selling and buying process, the paperwork needed, etc. As a real estate agent, you are your own boss, so the amount of work you do will depend on how good you are at this job and how much responsibility you want to take.

11. Bookkeeping, $41,692

A bookkeeper is someone that maintains the record of the transactions made by their client. Their job is to establish a chart of accounts, verifying, allocating, and posting transactions, prepare financial reports, etc. 

12. Virtual Assistant, $41,023

A virtual assistant is someone who works with other businesses or individuals to help them achieve their everyday tasks. You would have to offer technical, administrative and creative help to your client in that way. This is a self-employed job, so it gives you the flexibility of the schedule and the amount of work you want to do while fulfilling the clients’ needs.

Your career and your personal life will collide when you become a parent. That is why it’s so important to have a career that complements your personal life. This is all done by a flexible schedule and a well-paying job. Becoming a parent doesn’t mean you have to neglect your career.