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Top 12 Companies For Remote Jobs

If you are a work from home mom, on the lookout for a job that gives you the flexibility to work and earn but from the comfort of your home, you are in luck. Gone are the days where people had to head to an office in order to carry out work-related activities and complete projects.

Today, many working professionals, as well as companies, are acknowledging and favoring work-from-anywhere remote jobs. Research and statistics reveal that from around 5,000 individuals, 81% of professionals prefer work at home jobs for a myriad of reasons. For one, driving to and from work for many people view that as a waste of time.

The widespread use of mobile devices and video conferencing has also made things easier and convenient to set up an office out of your own home. This enables work from home moms to strike the right balance between work, and caring for her kids and/or family.

Remote jobs are changing the dynamics of the way people work for the better, especially when it comes to the tech sphere. These jobs help enhance work-life balance and ensure employees are more productive and efficient since they don’t have to worry about personal matters.

Recent studies have found that for some professionals, working from home works to reduce stress levels and promote productivity. While organizations are slowly but steadily catching on to this trend, many top companies have already incorporated remote jobs as part of the way they function and gladly hire work from home moms.

Key companies that allow remote jobs

Almost every industry is slowly moving towards work from home jobs (not the movie one though – actors and actresses need to be in front of the camera!), either offering this benefit as a full-time job or allocating a few days in the month to it.

Right from health care to tech and even communications, all kinds of companies are jumping onto this strategic bandwagon. Here are some of the companies who allow work from home moms to carry out stay at home jobs.

1) Dell

Dell, a multinational computer technology company, allows remote work flexibility and even considers it part of its business strategy. This is because it helps them obtain the best talent that exists. While the remote jobs available here range from senior systems engineer, outside sales specialist, OEM solutions account executive and many more, the flexible work timings along with other perks make it a fantastic company to work for.

2) Amazon

The right and qualified individuals gain access to remote jobs available in some areas at Amazon, a business operated by which is an electronic commerce and cloud computing company. This makes it perfect for those who are not within the vicinity of any Amazon location but still want to work for this company.

You may not find remote jobs for all positions, so it is best to clear this out during the interview. You can apply for the roles of business analyst, customer service associates, and delivery station managers, among others. You obtain training, encouraging supervisors, and can manage your schedule in an uncomplicated way.

3) American Express

Work-life balance is given top priority at American Express, a multinational financial services company. The arrangements offered blend in with your needs perfectly while it simultaneously also provides a thriving and challenging work environment.

American Express is one of the 20 companies for remote jobs, and positions are offered in the areas of travel and lifestyle, human resources, customer service, and sales. Roles are provided for senior manager of product development, learning specialist and senior infrastructure engineer among others. It comes with a decent bonus structure and you also get paid time off along with other benefits. No, they don’t hand out free copies of DVDs for Transformers, Jason Bourne, Star Trek Beyond, Sicario, you have to buy those amazing movies yourself! Hey, no situation is perfect!

4) Humana

Humana Inc. is a for-profit American health insurance company that works towards offering resources that keep you at your healthiest and happiest best.

The company offers remote jobs for roles such as coders, bilingual care coaches, and RN care managers, and so on. Only specific departments offer you legit work from home jobs so be sure you do not miss out. But if you missed Neighbors II, Star Wars The Force Awakens, Dreamcatcher, Kill Bill, or War of the Worlds, no worries, you have not missed much, if anything!

5) Allegis Transcription

Allegis specializes in insurance transcription for large P&C carriers and comes with a customized work portal for remote jobs intended for the roles of entry-level transcriptionists and transcriptionists.

The work portal for at-home transcriptionists permits professionals (which is everyone except Napoleon Dynamite!) to pick files of their preference in length, no matter what the time. The staff is welcoming while you are given the ability to work when you want to. But you are expected to work! So Alan Harper, apply somewhere else!

6) Apple

Apple is a multinational technology company that designs, develops, and sells computer software and consumer electronics. When part of the team, even though you are working from home, you are held accountable for answering questions related to their products and are accepted to work to improve customers’ lives.

With an iMac and headset that are provided to you and a net connection of your own, you can carry out whatever is expected of you with ease. Roles are available for an at-home advisor, area managers, and AppleCare at-home advisors, and the list continues.

7) GitHub

GitHub, a web-based hosting service and software development platform, understands the fact that to attract great talent, limiting recruitment prospects to a single city does not work. Remote jobs ensure better and more fruitful functionality so that a desirable product is developed, regardless of where its team members are located.

GitHub has open roles for inside solutions engineer, solutions engineer, and services solutions engineer. Here, you are allowed to be innovative while opportunities to grow and develop are always knocking on your door.

8) Sitel

Sitel deals with customer experience management outsourcing solutions. The work at home solutions offer associates to be a part of a global call center industry. While training is provided, associated are needed to service inbound calls. The calls pertain to account or product inquiries, billing inquiries, installation scheduling, product or service orders, and technical product troubleshooting.

9) Enterprise Holdings

This car rental company offers remote jobs for roles such as work from home customer service representatives and work from home reservation sales representatives. The basic aim of these roles involve taking care and looking after people. The unique flexible schedules and ideal work-life balance ensures this remote job suits your preferences well. This, in turn, helps you work to your optimal capacity and knowledge.

10) Kaplan

Kaplan is an educational company that offers educational services to colleges, universities, corporations, and businesses. It is not exactly Apollo Group (Univ. of Phoenix) but it is respectable. There are work from home options available in many departments.

Certified financial planning instructor, inside sales representative, pre-health content developer, enterprise account manager, MCAT question writer, and certified financial planning instructor are all positions that can be completed by someone working out of their home office. Kaplan helps employees push themselves to be the best version of themselves so that they can realize their maximum potential, whether working from a Kaplan location or from the home.

11) Glassdoor

Glassdoor is basically a website where current and former employees review companies and their management in an anonymous way. Glassdoor works hard to offer employees the chance to have a healthy and wholesome work/life balance.

You can check out roles for enterprise account manager, sales manager, revenue operations analyst, and senior front-end manager, for instance. While the work hours are flexible, you are provided with the option of working from home sometimes. This gives you the opportunity to get the best of both worlds.

12) Aetna

Aetna is an American managed health care company that makes sure their working professionals are just as satisfied as their customers. This company promotes flexible working arrangements and ensures the legit work from home jobs make it easy to set up an office wherever you are. Training is provided before you are a part of the telework operations. This ensures that even when you are working from home, you are not alone.

The role of a network representative, utilization management nurse consultants, provider data service senior analysts, COBRA analysts, plan sponsor data analysts, and security engineers all offer work from home arrangements. You can also avail educational reimbursements (with lower taxes, businesses now have more options for their employees), student loan imbursements, and a stellar number of vacation days in addition to the advantage of working from home.

In addition to this, some of the other top 25 companies for remote work are:

  • Rev
  • Intuit
  • Working Solutions
  • Hilton
  • Leidos
  • K12
  • Convergys
  • TTEC
  • Cactus Communications
  • Robert Half International
  • SAP
  • Toyota
  • Worldpay
  • Adobe
  • Alight Solutions
  • Philips
  • JPMorgan Chase
  • IT Pros
  • HD Supply
  • Xerox

Check out the current job openings so you ascertain what type of work from home positions the company (or public agency – we can mention this point once here) has on the table.

Why professionals look for flexible job opportunities

Evaluating a job is carried out by taking into account the:

  • work life balance
  • salary
  • work schedule (how rigid is it?)
  • telecommuting options
  • professional challenges
  • location
  • career progression
  • reputation of the company
  • company culture
  • retirement advantages, in addition to vacation time

Whether it is a company’s choice to cut back on expenses or offering employees and professionals a wider range of options, stay at home jobs benefit all stakeholders in a desirable way since it keeps both sides of the spectrum content.

If you just entering the workforce or are looking for an employer who offers a stay at home job, you know have a much better idea on what companies to check out. The good news is, because of those tax cuts, jobs are more available and companies are actually hiring again.

Driving to work is dangerous, spending all that money on work clothes and car maintenance does not appeal to some people. The companies that offer these choices, when it is logical to do so, compete better in the marketplace. They would stop doing it if it was not working for them.