Lennor Metier

  • Union, NJ, USA
Lennor Metier Remote * (Union, NJ, USA)
Sep 23, 2021
n What to expect from the role: n n Facilitates the data work portion of the advisory team needs. Additionally, analysts work closely with a Financial Advisor in maintaining client relationships n Preparation of asset/liability management reports n Loading detailed data from clients into the company's model via electronic data files n Generating interest rate sensitivity analyses, including volatility in the economic value of assets and liabilities and projected net interest income n Analyzing interest rate risk positions utilizing results from the company's analysis for clients n Preparing written analyses of the company's results n Discussing company results with the Financial Advisor and with clients via remote or in-person presentations n Preparing what-if analysis and providing written analysis of the results n Facilitate training of new analysts n Contribute to the development of new products n Participate in SSG projects, Credit and valuation, and Distressed cash flow...
Lennor Metier Remote * (Union, NJ, USA)
Sep 20, 2021
n Lennor Metier is hiring for a highly committed Marketing Director to join a trusted global company. n n What to expect from the role: n n Make a comprehensive marketing strategy (your peers in the senior leadership team will contribute ideas to this) n Lead a team of devoted employees in areas such as keyword research, social media, operations, content marketing, web work, podcasting and webinars (both guest and internal), creative, branding, visuals, video, and so on n Execute the plan to ensure on-time deliverables n You will have complete control over your team's decision-making. Other team members may contribute input, and you can seek it out, but you'll be the one to make practically all strategy and execution decisions n Your team's P, with the opportunity to hire full-time or part-time employees and create a success dashboard for your team. n n n What you'll need: n n Bachelor's degree n At least 3 years of experience as a people manager n Must be proficient in written and...