RELX Inc. Company

  • New York, NY, USA
Dec 06, 2021
RELX Inc. Company Remote * (Raleigh, NC, USA)
LexisNexis is dedicated to advancing the rule of law around the world, which is vital for building peace and prosperity in all societies. To accomplish this noble goal, LexisNexis is transforming legal research globally. Our search index contains more than 81 billion richly annotated legal documents, creating an unprecedented legal knowledge graph . Our technology changes how lawyers practice law by providing fast and relevant access to their most difficult questions. The Senior Software E ngineer - Search will be dedicated to the creation of next-generation search relevance techniques and strategies for LexisNexis, dramatically improving how our users search and find the answers to their legal questions. We are looking for someone who can bring their own perspective on how to solve a variety of internal and external opportunities. We expect this person to be versatile, display leadership qualities, and be enthusiastic to tackle new problems k as we continue to push technology...
Nov 18, 2021
RELX Inc. Company Remote * (New York, NY, USA)
LexisNexis seeks a recently practicing commercial law attorney with 5+ years of experience to help develop online legal products, tools, and solutions for attorneys. This is a full-time role with competitive benefits; remote work feasible. We are looking for a self-motivated individual with concise writing skills who can work both collaboratively and independently. This role is for an attorney looking for an alternative legal career with opportunities to develop practice area expertise, innovate in legal technology, collaborate with a high-caliber team of experienced attorneys and professionals, and maintain good work-life balance at a company that advances the rule of law and social responsibility. Detailed Role Description: The person in this role will help deliver a compelling and all-purpose practical guidance legal product across targeted markets as a member of a multi-disciplined team of content developers, product planners, external consultants, IT specialists, and...