Selby Jennings QRF

  • New York, NY, USA
Nov 21, 2021
Selby Jennings QRF Remote * (New York, NY, USA)
A rapidly growing crypto trading team is looking to add a Quant Trader to its team to help drive its execution efforts for mid and high frequency trading strategies, all within the digital assets space. Responsibilities: Research, build, and implement crypto trading strategies Execute & improve trading systems for implementing algorithmic crypto trades Manage execution management platforms Develop risk management protocols Requirements: 5+ years of Python programming experience 3+ years of execution trading experience Experience working with numerous exchange venues Strong understanding of the digital assets space Market microstructure and TCA experience preferred If of interest, apply now!
Nov 13, 2021
Selby Jennings QRF Remote * (New York, NY, USA)
A reputable crypto native prop trading shop is looking for independent quant traders to allocate capital to. The team is specifically looking for quant traders with proven track record of deploying profitable systematic strategies in the crypto trading space, including, but not limited to: Crypto Market Making/HFT Mid Fequency Arbitrage Trend Following/Mean Reversion Crypto Derivatives DeFi The team is looking to allocate capital immediately, and is capable of allocating millions of dollars , in addition to providing infrastructure, advisory, etc. If you are deploying profitable crypto algo trading strategies, of any amount, and you're interested in any of the many crypto quant trading opportunities we're working on, please apply in below!