Array Behavioral Care
Dec 06, 2023  
$135.00 hourly
*Position Summary* Work from home while serving patients accessing care from their homes or other private locations. Provide behavioral care services through a HIPAA-compliant online system. We focus on understanding your passions and expertise so that we can create opportunities for your strengths to thrive across our national footprint of partners. You can mix and match your time among our variety of service settings such as providing episodic care for patients in crisis, providing care in a direct-to-consumer setting, as well as providing consistent quality care to underserved patients through outpatient programs. *Organizational Overview* Array Behavioral Care is the leading and largest telepsychiatry service provider in the U.S. with a mission to transform access to quality behavioral healthcare. Its size, diversity of services and extensive experience and expertise have helped establish it as an industry thought leader that has helped to shape the field, define the standard...
Array Behavioral Care Okay, OK, USA