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  • Jun 10, 2021

Job Description

Job Description

About the team  

VMware Engineering Services is central to the success of VMware and its customers. We deliver critical services across the engineering organization to individual contributors, managers, and executive leaders. We build and operate these services, measuring success and striving for constant improvement. ​Aligning our investments with the needs of the VMware engineering community is key to success. This is where the product management team applies its skills of translating business needs to product vision and engineering execution. We define what is most needed, work with engineering to delivery, ensure the end-product meets the need and communicate the benefits clearly with the community.

About the position  

VES is growing its Product Management and Design muscle to strengthen its internal tools and services. We have multiple positions open for Product Manager and Senior Product Manager. Location is the United States, within 4 time zones of West Coast (Pacific) time. VMware supports employee choice of work style (office based, flexible between office and home or fully remote) that suits personal circumstances.

Product management at VES is about owning and driving a product or service, or service portfolio. Your job is to drive success. Critical questions you will have to answer include: 

What product/service/feature does VMware’s R&D community need 

Is this the right product/service/feature for our users 

Is it the right time to make this investment 

What does success look like for this product/service/feature 

How can we translate this idea in to reality 

How do we grow and evolve this product over time?

Examples of current projects: 

Automating and securing VMware’s digital supply chain 

Delivering VMware’s internal multi-cloud self-service console.

Building an app-store like experience for VMware’s R&D community to discover, learn and use tools and services in our portfolio.

Building Configuration Management Database (CMDB) Cloud Services

About you  

You enjoy being part of a team of builders that take an idea from nothing to fully operational and successful service.

You love the intersection of business and technology.

You understand business value and are passionate about how technology can accelerate successful outcomes.

You love learning new things, particularly about people and technology. 

You dislike being slowed down by friction and unnecessary red tape; you make it your business to question and remove such barriers when you encounter them.

You understand the right mix of vision, enthusiasm and reality to deliver iterative improvements and the right priority order. 

You love talking to people, you’re a natural conversationalist and you know when to listen.

30-60-90 Day Goals for the position  

In the first 30 days, you will get to know the engineering teams you will be working with. You will talk engineers 1:1 to better get to know them and their challenges. You will talk to our major stakeholders to understand what challenges they face, what motivates them, what demotivates them. You will understand our product management processes, driving improvements and bringing your skills and experience to the team. You will understand the current status of your product/service/feature and will be developing ideas for improvement.

In the first 60 days you will have a clearly defined a long-term roadmap for your product/service/feature and have communicated it to stakeholders, soliciting feedback and adjusting where necessary. You will have a clear view of what features are currently being developed and will be able to make course corrections to steer the ship in the direction towards your longer-term vision. You will be in execution mode, meeting regularly with engineering to ensure they are delivering for success.

In the first 90 days, you will have strong relationships across the organization. You will have a validated product vision and be able to communicate that to senior leadership. You will have delivered on at least one major milestone (minimal viable service or incremental improvement to existing service).

You will love your new job and your new team!

Required Skills  

You will have an engineering background 

You will have some software development experience in your past 

You will be passionate for elegant and efficient products and solutions 

You will have strong analytical skills and be able to make data driven decisions 

You will be an excellent communicator, both written and oral. 

3+ years of experience working in product management. 

Skills beneficial to this role  

One or more of these skills will help us place you in the right position:

You will have a working knowledge of datacenter operations, modern networking including software defined networks and VMware virtualization. 

You will be up to date on the latest IaaS and PaaS benefits and trends. 

You will have some business experience, perhaps considering an MBA (we can help with that!), MBA underway or completed.

You have IT security related experience and understand the security landscape

Building ITSM services and CMDB solutions

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Posted Date: 2021-06-08