remote cardiac monitoring technician

  • Allina Health
  • Remote * (PO Box 60173, Philadelphia, PA 19102, USA)
  • Jan 15, 2022

Job Description

Date Posted:
December 28, 2021
Centralized Telemetry Monitor
Evening/Night (United States of America)
Hours Per Week:
Union Contract:
SEIU-5-Abbott Northwestern Technical
Weekend Rotation:
Every Other
Job Summary:
Observes, documents and reports baseline EKG rhythms, trends and changes to RNs and physicians on non-cardiovascular and selected cardiovascular patients. This service is provided to patient care units, clinical community and remotely at other Allina hospitals.
Job Description:
Principle Responsibilities
  • Observes, documents and reports baseline EKG rhythm, trends and changes
    • Runs and interprets EKG rhythm strips on admission, every 24 hours, in response to alarm events and when requested.
    • Measures PR, QRS, QT and QTc segments.
    • Provides rhythm interpretation information to all care givers/providers as needed.
    • Initiates rhythm reports for patient record according to established protocol or per ordered frequency.
  • Maintains quality for monitor tracings
    • Ensures proper skin prep when placing telemetry leads.
    • Changes lead patch every 72 hours or more frequent as needed.
    • Tailors alarm settings per patient.
    • Cleans and maintains telemetry equipment.
    • Works with Biomed to troubleshoot and keep equipment in good working order.
    • Consults with RNs as needed regarding rhythm interpretation.
    • Ensures all monitoring equipment and supplies are in stock and available.
  • Performs artifact free 12 lead EKGs
    • Posts original tracing in patient record.
    • Transmits EKG according to policies of EKG department.
    • Obtains STAT EKGs immediately and communicates results to caregiver.
  • Provides environment that is safe for patients, visitors and staff
    • Uses equipment per department and manufacturer guidelines.
    • Follows safety/security procedures for emergency and non-emergent situations.
    • Orients new patients to remote monitoring and updates care boards.
    • Other duties as assigned.

Job Requirements
  • Associate's or Vocational degree health care related required or
  • Vocational or Technical Training EMT certification required
  • Less than 2 Years EKG/Telemetry interpretation experience preferred and
  • Less than 2 Years Hospital experience preferred
  • Emergency Medical Tech - MN Emergency Medical Services Regulatory Board preferred Upon Hire

Leadership Capabilities
  • See the Big Picture: Know where we are going as an organization. Use sound judgement and critical thinking to make good decisions that support our mission.
    • I know where Allina is going and how my role fits into this picture
    • I capture important lessons and share them to foster innovation
    • I am good at anticipating the implications of my decisions
    • I understand and apply the disciplines of continuous improvement
  • Inspire Greatness: Inspire others by connecting their purpose to the broader mission. Lead others through change and celebrate success.
    • I help my team connect to the broader mission
    • I see and fulfill my role in motivating the team around me
    • I celebrate success and help my partners see what is possible with change
    • I call out and address unexpected roadblocks or problems
  • Foster Learning and Growth: Role model growth, ongoing development and self-care. Empower, coach and encourage others to be at their best selves.
    • I role-model self-care and ongoing development
    • I share my knowledge and coach others to foster growth and success
    • I demonstrate enthusiasm for learning
    • I candidly advocate for the resources I need
    • I support my colleagues in their development and growth
  • Deliver Excellence: Set and align clear goals, measure results, and continually improve safety, quality, experience, and innovation.
    • I take ownership of outcomes and fulfillment of goals
    • I facilitate adjustments to assure positive results
    • I work with a sense of urgency, concern and determination
    • I use well-grounded approaches to create sustainable solutions repeatedly
    • I engage and foster improvements to impact safety, quality, and efficiency
  • Succeed Together:Connect with others authentically. Recognize the value of each individual and seek diverse points of view. Collaborate to succeed together.
    • I consider how decisions might impact my colleagues
    • I am generous in my commitment to supporting the needs of my partners
    • I respect others' opinions, praise good work and encourage all team members to be involved
    • I seek common ground and work to create mutually beneficial outcomes

Functional Competencies
  • Collaboration: Develops partnerships with internal team members.
  • Communication Skills: Able to communicate well in straight-forward situations.
  • Company Knowledge: Understands his/her own job and how the role interacts with his/her team.
  • Functional Knowledge: Knowledgeable about his/her specific job.
  • Problem Solving: Uses common sense to solve routine issues.

Physical Demands
Light Work:
Lifting weight Up to 20 lbs. occasionally, Up to 10 lbs. frequently
Additional Job Description: