Collections Specialist II - Financial Pacific Leasing - REMOTE

  • Umpqua Bank
  • Remote * (Auburn, WA, USA)
  • Jan 15, 2022
Finance Telecommuting

Job Description

Job Description

Job Purpose

Responsible for maintaining individual delinquency results on assigned portions of the 16-60-day portfolio. Effectively communicate with both internal and external customers to resolve delinquent contracts. Utilize all internal and external resources available to establish contact, identify appropriate courses of resolution to protect the Company's interest and to execute the resolution plan in a timely manner. Maintain acceptable levels of productivity; i.e. call volumes, in order to properly service portfolio.


  • Communicates with lessees that are in a 16-60-day delinquent status via telephone, mail, email, text or personal contact.
  • Responsible for making resolution arrangements when accepting less than total due.
  • Responsible to meet or exceed individual delinquency goals.
  • Ensures individual call volume meets company standards for their prospective areas and calls are made in a professional manner.
  • Responsible for the assessment and collection of miscellaneous fees and late charges to include call fees, addendum fees, pro rata payments, and documentation fees.
  • Maintains complete and accurate documentation in Artiva to include thorough notation of all communications with the customer or authorized parties.
  • Understands the proper usage of extensions, rewrites, addendums, and forbearances. To include equipment repairs.
  • Prepares status worksheets, buyouts and amortization schedules.
  • Understands and utilizes company systems and use of the auto dialer.
  • Understands and utilizes Artiva status coding.
  • Prepares requests for Fair Market Values.
  • Prepares Repossession Packets and Third-Party Sale requests and refers them to the Asset Management department.
  • Utilizes web-based skip tracing tools.
  • Refers accounts to outside field agents to initiate contact with delinquent customers.
  • Works with companies insurance company and customer's insurance companies regarding claims and coverage.
  • Utilizes the broker base and in-house broker representatives to resolve first payment default delinquencies.
  • Prepares demand letters.
  • Prepare files for Attorney Demand Letters/Litigation packets when necessary.
  • Prepares Settlement packets to include FMV's and Credit Bureau Requests.
  • Notifies supervisor of any significant situations which may cause harm or loss to the company.
  • Demonstrates compliance in assigned job function and applies to designated job responsibilities.
  • Takes personal initiative following all policies and procedures, Bank Secrecy Act, compliance regulations, and completes all required and job-specific training. Raises and/or addresses compliance issues for evaluation, investigation and resolution.
  • Provides highest level of customer service to all lessees, vendors, brokers and staff.
  • Assists and supports other staff as needed.
  • Regular and predictable attendance and punctuality.
  • Performs all other duties as assigned by management.



  • High school graduate or equivalent.


Primary Physical Requirements

  • Lift up to 10 pounds: Occasionally may be required to lift and carry deliveries weighing no more than 5 to 10 pounds.
  • Lift 11 to 25 pounds: Not required.
  • Lift 26 to 50 pounds: Not required.
  • Lift over 50 pounds: Not required.
  • Carry up to 10 pounds: Occasionally may be required to carry deliveries of packages.
  • Carry 11 to 25 pounds: Not required.
  • Carry 26 to 50 pounds: Not required.
  • Carry over 50 pounds: Not required.
  • Reach above shoulder height: May occur when placing books on shelves.
  • Reach at shoulder height: Frequently occurs when answering phone or retrieving books from shelves.
  • Reach below shoulder height: Occasionally may occur when retrieving supplies.
  • Push/Pull: Not required.

Hand Manipulation

  • Grasping: Constantly when writing messages while using pen or pencil.
  • Handling: Constantly when writing messages while using pen or pencil.
  • Torquing: Not required.
  • Fingering: Frequently required when typing or using computer.
  • Controls Equipment: Telephone, fax, computer, and calculator.

Other Physical Considerations

  • Twisting: Not required.
  • Bending: Occasionally may be required when retrieving dropped items or items from drawers.
  • Crawling: Not required.
  • Squatting: Occasionally required when retrieving files.
  • Kneeling: Not required.
  • Crouching: Not required.
  • Climbing: Not required.
  • Balancing: Not required.

During an 8-hour day, employee is required to:

Consecutive Hours Total Hours

Sit 4 6

Stand 1 1

Walk 1 1

Work Surface: Standard desk and office chair.

Cognitive and Sensory Requirements

  • Talking: Consistently required when communicating with others. Must be able to speak English fluently.
  • Hearing: Consistently required when communicating with others. Must be able to understand English.
  • Sight: Consistently required. Must be able to read and write English fluently.
  • Tasting and smelling: Not required.

Summary of Occupational Exposures: None. Other Considerations and Requirements: None.