Julie R. ~ Chicago, IL

As an actor, it’s always been important for me to have jobs with plenty of flexibility to keep up with my auditions and gigs. When the coronavirus struck, all of my jobs were put on hold and I was completely out of work. I wanted to find work that would be fulfilling, doable from home, and be something I could do when life returned to normal.

I began looking online for work-from-home options in all the usual places, like LinkedIn, Indeed, and Monster. Most of my applications were given an immediate response of “we are not hiring right now due to Covid-19.”

I didn’t know how I was going to make it through this tough time without a job, and I didn’t know how else to find work.

I found out about MotherWorks from a friend, and immediately found myself with options. Within a week of applying for a job on MotherWorks, I was offered a part time, work-from-home position in a field I have previous experience in.

As a woman I wanted to find a company with women in leadership positions and am now working happily on a team of all women (and mothers!). I was able to grow my skill set and my career, even as the professional world was otherwise coming to a halt.

I’m so thankful to MotherWorks for providing the right opportunity for me. 

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